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Wednesday, 21 March 2012,

Baby dear.. you know how pain when you didn't reply me.. you know this is the first time I got into big headache because of worrying you.  I really worry you. Cause just a few msg make me feel so uncomfortable. I really dunno wat to say later I say le then you angry.. I dun want to think too much about ending this. But is really my first time like that. I care a person I care until like that I worry a person until like that I wait for you to say good night I wait for you to reply my msg. I know that time is the first time I make you angry I'm so sorry to make you angry but end up you still love me and care me ask me to takecare myself. I almost cry because i though we would end at that time just because of that.. but we didn't end I blush out my anger in class and friends around asking what's happen that day I was really no mood I really blame to myself why am I so stupid to call up I even knock myself on the cupboard to awake myself . And I beat the cupboard with my hands. You will think it's pain but for me I will think that is zhi de. I really miss you everyday. I will keep on think of you when working. it's really in my mind.. everything all in my mind. I didn't because of loves one cry before but you is the first one who make me cry for you. I know we two is impossible but I just can't let go cause I love you. But I have to wait until I found my future husband then I can leave you I promise you.this.  but we had not end yet we still caring each other.  I promise to be with you.. you rmb.  When you didn't msg me you I will auto go you pic and see your pic or I go see video of you.. so cute right. I really planing to work with you and can see you every day but have to ask my mum whether cn I learn fs if yes I Learn from you.. haha

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Friday, 23 December 2011,

Was missing dearest this few days...haha.. tired die..,finally finish my choice and aim wat i wan... school starting on jan... wonder would dearest willing to send me to school... haha.. then everyday could see him with my personal eyes... haha.. really tired of it.. nowadays keep working, home or hospital.. no other special.. but will think of my dearest whenever i when to.. haha.. boring now.. later gonna work.. haha.. tired but need money is like that.. haha.. love lots ok.. nothing much to say.. byebye

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011,

Haiz today got my N Level results.. very disappointed... can cry.. Haiz.. why my english is undergrade...,walao.. english undergrade i die lei.. i cannot take alot of course that i wan la.. Now very pekchek.. keep thinking wat course that i wan lei.. all is around sg and not near to my house.. aiya nevermind la.. i rather take far far lo.. wth.. now is have to choose 10 course lei... walao... dearest slept off le. Left me alone now.. wth.. Haiz.. sad die.. tonight.. crying day... wahaha..

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Monday, 19 December 2011,

Its late now and im getting very scare of taking results having a serious headache now... whole head is super heavy like fuck.. can imagine the feelings that i have.. heavy head..... arggg... gonna crazy.. later gonna iron clothes... how... Dearest help me.. i need pills... Gonna die soon. Pain die arhx.. like gonna gone crazy anytime.. dearest sleeping left me alone.. sorry dearest dumb you aside and i didnt even reply your whats app cause i was washing bus.. hope dearest will understand..,heehee miss dearest voice very much.. tmr after take result im gonna call dearest immediately to tell him my results.. haha.. love him.. hope he got a good rest tonight after a quarrel and fight with the bastard.. haha.. pain must say ok... if not i will worried de.. ok.. love much.. i gonna iron clothes soon then head to bed cause having serious headache and gonna vomit anytime.. haiz... weak.. i admit im weak.. ytd leg today head... haiz.. die better.. byebye later gonna meet dearest in lalaland

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Sunday, 18 December 2011,

Wat a day.. no mood at all.. maybe scare of taking results.. had a fight with that bro today.. slap him 3 times.. didnt even got the strength to talk to him.. knn go.and die la.. curse me like fuck. Still curse me go outside give car bang.. knn.. im your sister and yet you like that treat me.. fine.. dun treat me as your sister.. im not gonna treat you as my bro anymore.. fuck off.. i wan to go back ah ma house la haiyo..,ah ma house got peace and can talk heart to heart with gugu.. haha.. miss my dearest whole day le.. haha. Today working same as ytd not on my own was dreaming whole day. And yet uncle know why not smiling whole day cause tmr getting result.. haha.. Really scare of taking result lei... i scare untill i headache lei.. now still headache haiyo pain arh pain arhx... saw dearest whats app make me angry.. dun try testing dearest.. should call him not to go cause already have signal from father.. haiyo.. why i didnt tell dearest lei.. stupid me.. haiz.. dearest dun angry... im here.. haha miss you much much ok.. cool down ok.. love you much much.. gonna reach home soon.. haha.. byebye waiting for dearest de whats app.. heehee..

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Saturday, 17 December 2011,

Today woke up at 2pm then faster prepared then off to go hospital to visit ah ma.. haiyo.. the mouth again.. haha.. forget it.. just now working time father almost pick up a fight with a uncle.. that uncle really bastard like fuck. Make sure dun let me see you if not i will tear your fucking face down..  knn.. ok back to story.. today working was fun and moody and not on my own which is im dreaming all while. Didnt even concentrate when working.. haha.. so today business was find. But was missing my dearest when working.. now at home already then i found out that my operation leg old ill come back again... when not pain then very long no pain when pain the pain will be very long until i kpkb... Walao.. pain die even ah pek also see liao also like that. Last time use fu then put with white rice wine and old ginger then make. Make liao also the same.. mind as well forget it let it pain and 残废 haha. Dearest saw this confirm angry die.. heehee.. dearest i miss your voice whole day you know.. but just cant keep contact on you.. haiz..,sad sad die.. nevermind monday then i will contact you for sure.. haha..

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Friday, 16 December 2011,

So boring... dearest where are you.. i very boring lei.. think my dearest in lalaland soon with mr chew on chess board lo... haha.. hope my dearest wish for me is coming true which is my n level.. he hope i can pass.. if i fail i wil dui bu qi dearest and myself and bang wall die better haha.. miss dearest ok.. heard his voice make me so happy but at night cannot hear his voice so sad miss my call again.. haha.. tmr dearest i cannot call you le.. cause mama tmr spy then at night papa spy. Then on sunday mama spy.. haiz.. but monday if mama going after i got my results i will sms you and whats app you ok.. Haha.. hope they dont go cause i meeting friends to go out eat then go school... haha.. shall later ask mama wil she go with me haha.. on monday have to go pay library fee... knn today waste my time going to school to pay in the end Cannot pay haiyo... miss my dearest now.. haha..

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